Montag, 7. Januar 2013

A report on my first "green monster"

I'm going for green again, for the last time with this week's green smoothie challenge. But today, I would like to present the first smoothie I ever had:

A few weeks before I signed up for Katherine's green smoothie challenge, I had saved this recipe for a spinach-mango-smoothie from Arne's blog The Vegetarian Diaries. Simply because I found that the recipe looks interesting as I had never heard of mixing a mango and spinach to a drink. And the colour also seemed, well ... special, to me. A little while later, I have been brave enough to try it out. This experience left me enthusiastic about the taste of this particular mix and the smoothie-idea in general.

Now let me first of all share the reipe I talked about: Mix up one banana, one orange, a handfull of spinach, one mango and half a cup of water. Some ice cubes are added in the original recipe, and (optionally) some agave syrup to make it sweeter. I left both of these things away, as I did not want the result to be too cold (still winter outside) or sweet (I used a pretty ripe banana).

You can even call this a green monster, a smoothie made of fruits and vegetables, as I learned on Ulli's blog. An expression that I really like. With this in mind, after all my smoothies during the last week (I always used to drink green monsters) and wearing a green sweater right know, I start to feel like a green monster myself ...

But seriously: Thank you very much, Arne, for introducing me into the world of smoothies with your recipe. And thank you so much, Katherine, for hosting this challenge that made me incorporate these energizing smoothies into my normal diet. Even if I already felt healthy before, I feel even a bit healthier after this week of daily smoothies. Especially when thinking of all the nutritious and vitamin-packed vegetables and fruits I have been drinking. I really enjoyed the (sometimes exotic and new) taste of all the smoothies. And I want to point out another advantage of the liquid form of having vegetables. A smoothie is easier and faster to digest than eating for example a salad. So it's great before doing sports. An important topic for me at the moment as you might know ...

All in all: I try to keep making smoothies on regular basis from now on! Must search for a proper mixer, my blender seems to be suboptimal ;-)

Note: The normal language of this blog will remain German, but when taking part in events by blogs in other languages, I will write in English for reasons of interaction in relation to these events. I hope you don't mind!

6 Kommentare:

  1. Eine gute Idee mal wieder einen grünen Smoothie einzulegen!

  2. freut mich sehr, dass es dir geschmeckt hat :)
    bin auf weitere erfahrungen und rezepte gespannt :)

    arne von the vegetarian diaries

    1. ich auch .... wird sicher nicht so lange auf sich warten lassen.

  3. That's neat! I didn't know that's would you called them :P Great job on the challenge!

    1. Yes, I think that's lovely and proper nickname for this kind of smoothie.


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