Sonntag, 28. April 2013

Green smoothie challenge: conclusion & some light recipes

Last day of the week, and the week's green smoothie challenge. I successfully completed it, having had a green smoothie every day. I am sure that I consumed some additional veggies and fruits (and hence beneficial nutritients) through that event that I wouldn't have taken in otherwise. It feels good. And I really enjoyed making and drinking really different smoothies.

At the place where I work, there is a small cafeteria where some breakfast and lunch is served. Funnily enough, this week, my colleagues seem to have discovered smoothies newly served in the cafeteria. Because two of them told me the same day how good these smoothies were. When I answered that I am regularily mixing smoothies myself, they seemed to be quite impressed ;-)

All in all, I try to incorporate smoothies even more often into my diet, also without an official green smoothie challenge. This looks like the next challenge ;-) And I am very much looking forward to the berry season and trying out some red smoothies as well.

Now a few words to the smoothies of the last days: I prepared two drinks from this comprehensive website on the topic (yes, an entire website on green smoothies!). There are a few quick and easy recipes which show that it doesn't forcibly take a lot of ingredients to mix a smoothie (though I have to admit that I remain a fan of the one with banana and chocolate, too).

The day before yesterday, I had the "Tropical" one, consisting of pineapple, banana, spinach and water. Yesterday, I drank the "Frugal" one, made of apple, banana, cucumber (exceptionally no spinach for the colour) and water.

And today, I kind of cleand up my fridge with some leftover vegetables from the week and mixed some zucchini, bear's garlic and buttermik together. I discovered that I really like using buttermilk as the liquid for a smoothie.

Check out Katherine's site for more information on the challenge who hosted this lovely event.

Note: The normal language of this blog will remain German, but when taking part in events by blogs in other languages, I will write in English for reasons of interaction in relation to these events. I hope you don't mind!

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